AGT, which is owned as to 51% by the Group and as to 49% by Ladbroke Group (a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest sports betting companies), supplies China’s only virtual sports lottery platform to Sports Lottery, and continues to operate the two virtual sports games in the country, after having launched its motor racing-themed virtual game “Lucky Racing” (“幸運賽車”) in Hunan Province of the PRC in 2011, and its football themed game “e-Ball Lottery” (“e球彩”) in Jiangsu Province of the PRC in 2013. “Lucky Racing” and “e-Ball Lottery” are virtual sports lottery games that are broadcasted to lottery shops via a central server and cable television, allowing customers to bet on computer generated car races or football matches respectively. To date, “Lucky Racing” and “e-Ball Lottery” have been successfully launched in traditional dedicated Sports Lottery shops in Hunan and Jiangsu provinces of the PRC respectively. During November of 2019, e-Ball Lottery has reached RMB10 billion in accumulated sales since its initial launch.As announced by the Company on 14 November 2018, 亞博泰科科技(北京)有限公司(Asia Gaming Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.) (“AGT Beijing”), a subsidiary owned as to 51% by the Group, has been awarded the technical cooperation contract in respect of e-Ball Lottery for Jiangsu SLAC. Under such contract, AGT Beijing is responsible for setting up and developing the distribution and sales management system for e-Ball Lottery for a further five-year term, including its maintenance, installation, testing, ongoing development and system upgrade as requested by Jiangsu SLAC.
Product profile:
< Lucky Racing > is a high-frequency betting lottery game in the prototype of Formula One racing, with its racing process designed vivid and realistic. It is the first lottery game developed with the adoption of the 3D game engine. The game is designed with multiple features of entertaining, delights, immediacy and motility.
< e-Ball Lottery > is the betting-typed lottery game that simulates the real football game. A live telecast similar to the real football game is adopted to broadcast the process of the game, virtualized by the computer. It offers the players with the advanced entertaining and exciting experiences.