Board of Directors

Senior Management

Executive Director

Mr. Sun Ho – Executive Director, Chairman & CEO

Founding the Company in 2006, Mr Sun currently serves as the Executive Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, leading the Company in overall strategic direction, business development and corporate management.

Mr. Sun is also a director of Ant Bank (Macao) Limited, in addition to holding directorship of various subsidiaries of the Company. Through his extensive experience in the China lottery and related industries, Mr. Sun continues to uphold the highest responsible business standards and ethics while striving for excellence and innovation as a leader in the regulated lottery and other markets. As the President of the Federation of Card Games, and Vice President of the International Mind Sports Association Executive Committee, Mr. Sun is dedicated to the development of mind sports in China and around the world.

Prior to founding the Company, Mr. Sun held various senior leadership positions in other listed companies, and had extensive experience in strategy, management, auditing and financial management of Chinese and international enterprises. He holds a bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Sydney in Australia and a master degree in Corporate Finance from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Mr. Sun is a member of CPA Australia and a fellow member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Ms. Hu Taoye – Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Hu, aged 41, is executive Director, chief financial officer of the Group and a member of the risk management and internal control committee of the Company. Ms. Hu has been appointed as Director since 30 January 2019. She obtained a bachelor degree in Economics from Renmin University of China in the PRC in July 2001. She was admitted as a practising member of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants in July 2003 and a non-practising member of such institute since March 2008. In addition, Ms. Hu was also admitted as a member and a fellow member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in November 2005 and November 2010 respectively. From 2001 to early 2008, she worked for KPMG and her last position with KPMG was audit manager.

Ms. Hu joined Alibaba Group in February 2008. During February 2008 to May 2014, Ms. Hu served as an internal control director and a financial controller of the B2B and Alibaba Cloud divisions of Alibaba Group. After that, she served as a financial controller of Autonavi and UC Web, under Alibaba Mobile Internet Division of Alibaba Group until June 2016. Prior to joining the Group, Ms. Hu was a financial controller of the digital media and entertainment division of Alibaba Group.

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Yang Guang – Non-executive Director

Mr. Yang, aged 43, has been a non-executive Director since 10 August 2016. He joined Alibaba Group in September 2007. He is currently the general manager of Tmall Consumer Electronics Business Department, Tmall Home Decoration Business Department, Tmall Virtual Business Department and is responsible for innovative product and business in supply chain and logistics services in

Mr. Yang has extensive experience in the internet industry and the lottery industry. Before the current position, Mr. Yang led the operation team of consumer electronics product in Mr. Yang was one of the core members of the team responsible for the establishment of and Taobao Travel. From 2012 to 2015, Mr. Yang was responsible for’s innovative business including Taobao Lottery. He graduated from Jilin University, China, majoring in biological pharmacy. He is a non-executive director of Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd.(stock code: 1169) and a director of Co., Ltd.(蘇寧易購集團股份有限公司)(stock code: 002024)which is listed in the PRC.

Mr. Li Faguang – Non-executive Director

Mr. Li, aged 44, is a non-executive Director. Mr. Li has been appointed on 4 March 2019. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Nankai University in the PRC in June 1998 and a master’s degree in Finance and Management from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom in December 2005.

Mr. Li joined Alibaba Group in February 2016 and is currently a senior financial controller of Alibaba Holding. Mr. Li has extensive experience in financial management. Prior to joining Alibaba Holding, Mr. Li worked at 奧的斯機電電梯有限公司(Otis Electric Elevator Co., Ltd.*) (formerly known as 西子奧的斯電梯有限公司(Xizi Otis Elevator Co., Ltd.*)) as director of financial analysis and a regional financial controller from May 2012 to February 2016. Prior to that, he worked at Dell (China) Company Limited for approximately seven years and his last position was a senior financial manager.

Mr. Ji Gang – Non-executive Director

Mr. Ji, aged 46, has been a non-executive Director since 10 August 2016. He joined Ant Group in January 2016. He is currently the Vice President and Head of Strategic Investment of Ant Group. He is responsible for the global strategic investments for Ant Group and has many years of experience in investment and the internet industry. Before joining Ant Group, he served as a Vice President of Alibaba Group and was responsible for strategic investment. He is currently a director of Phoenix Tree Holdings Limited (the American depositary shares ("ADSs") of which are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: DNK). He holds a bachelor degree in international business management from University of International Business and Economics, China.

Mr. Zou Liang – Non-executive Director

Mr. Zou, aged 48, has been a non-executive Director since 10 November 2017. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics technology from Hunan University in the PRC, a master’s degree in Administration Management from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in the PRC and also an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from China Europe International Business School in China. Mr. Zou is currently the general manager of Innovation Division of Intelligent Technology Business Department of Ant Group (formerly a general manager of Strategic Development Department of Alibaba Group). Prior to joining Ant Group in 2015, Mr. Zou was a general manager at Hunan Yuanchen Investment Group* (湖南遠晨投資集團) from February 2010 to March 2015.

Independent Non-Executive Director

Ms. Monica Maria Nunes – Independent Non-executive Director

Ms. Monica Maria Nunes, aged 52, has been appointed since 20 June 2013 as the independent non-executive Director as well as the chairperson of each of the audit, remuneration and nomination committees of the Company. She was first appointed as an executive director of Vodatel Networks Holdings Limited ("Vodatel"), the shares of which are listed on GEM (stock code: 8033), on 13 December 1999. She is currently the managing director, finance director and the compliance officer of Vodatel

She graduated from the University of Calgary, Canada with a bachelor degree in commerce and from the University of Hong Kong, with a master degree in social sciences. She has over 25 years of management, accounting and finance experience. She is a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta, Canada. She is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and a designee of the Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Mr. Feng Qing – Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Feng Qing, aged 67, was appointed as the independent non-executive Director and a member of each of the audit, remuneration and nomination committees of the Company on 4 May 2015. Mr. Feng Qing is the chairman of Beijing Yi Xin Tech Corporation. Mr. Feng was the author of the marketing economics book titled "Practical Market Theory (實用市場理論)" which was well received by the market, and became an instrumental reading in learning western economics. In 1983, Mr. Feng commenced study of macroeconomics in Switzerland.

After graduation, Mr. Feng stayed in Switzerland to work at Sulzer International AG, the then one of the biggest machinery manufacturers in Switzerland, for many years. Afterwards, Mr. Feng returned to China and was engaged in satellite communication and investment and finance related work. Mr. Feng graduated from the Precision Instruments faculty (精密儀器系) of Tsinghua University, the PRC, majoring in Machinery Manufacturing Technology and Equipment (機械製造工藝及設備), and was a postgraduate student in macroeconomics of the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

Dr. Gao Jack Qunyao – Independent Non-executive Director

Dr. Gao Jack Qunyao, aged 62, was appointed as the independent non-executive Director and a member of each of the audit, remuneration and nomination committees of the Company on 6 May 2015.

Dr. Gao has extensive experience in information technology ("IT"), media and entertainment, and venture capital. He is currently the adjunct professor of the Business School of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the founding partner and CEO of Beijing Times Digiwork Films Technology Co., Ltd. (Smart Cinema), and the independent non-executive director of AsiaInfo Technologies Limited (a company listed on the Stock Exchange under stock code: 1675). During 2015-2017, Dr. Gao was the Group Senior Vice President and CEO of International Investments and Business Operation Department of 北京萬達文化產業集團有限公司 (Beijing Wanda Culture Industry Group Co., Ltd.*) and in 2017, Interim CEO of Legendary Entertainment LLC; a director of several Wanda Group companies including Legendary Entertainment LLC, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (listed on the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE: AMC) and Sunseeker International Limited, and the director for the EuropaCity (巴黎歐洲城) project. Dr. Gao was previously the founder and president of Gao Entertainment LLC; an independent director of AirMedia Group Inc. (the American depositary shares ("ADSs") of which are listed on NASDAQ under the symbol: AMCN); and an independent director of 萬通投資控股股份有限公司 (Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd.*); a director of Infront Sports & Media AG, Bona Film Group Limited (the ADSs of which are listed on NASDAQ under the symbol: BONA); and an alternate director of Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Limited (a company listed on the Stock Exchange under stock code: 2008).

Previously, Dr. Gao also held various major positions in a number of renowned companies, including senior vice president of News Corporation (a company listed on NASDAQ under the symbol: NWS); chief executive officer of News Corporation China Investments and STAR (China) Limited; chief representative of News Corporation, Beijing representative office; vice president of Autodesk China; general manager of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.; and general partner, executive vice president and country head (China) of Walden International, a leading venture capital firm in the United States of America. Dr. Gao holds a doctorate degree in Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, China. He is the author of the book titled "體驗微軟 (Experience Microsoft)" which has a wide readership in China IT communities.

Senior Management

Mr. Bai Jinmin - Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel

Mr. Bai Jinmin is the Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel of the Group. He is presently responsible for the execution of the development initiatives of the Group’s lottery business, supervision over the relevant operations and the management of corporate legal and compliance matters. Mr. Bai joined the Group in September 2007.

Mr. Bai has nearly 30 years of extensive experience in business development, investment, corporate management and strategic planning. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Bai was a director of Louis DreFus Energy (SPEC) Pte Ltd., managing director of SPEC Overseas (Holdings) Pte Ltd., vice president of Shenzhen Petrochemical Industry (Holdings) Co., Ltd., chairman of Shenzhen GETOS Fine Silicons Co., Ltd., director of Sinoying Logistics Pte Ltd. and executive director of STAR Pharmaceutical Limited.

Mr. Bai holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from 杭州電子工業學院 (Electronics Institute of Hangzhou*) (now known as Hangzhou Dianzi University* (杭州電子科技大學)) in the PRC and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore.

Mr. Zhang Yan – Vice President

Mr. Zhang Yan is a Vice President of the Company, with over 15 years of domestic and international lottery and sports industry experience. Mr. Zhang joined the Group in November 2016 and is presently responsible for executing the Group’s sports data related strategy as well as leading the Company’s ongoing international expansion including spearheading the Group’s entry into the Indian market.

Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Zhang held various senior management roles in the design and commission of lottery and sports entertainment products with extensive expertise in managing top-tier multi-channel operators in regulated markets. Mr. Zhang graduated from King’s College London of University of London with Honors degree in Electronic Engineering.

Mr. Gilbert Wong – Vice President

Mr. Gilbert Wong is a Vice President of the Company, presently responsible for investment projects, corporate planning, public relations and investor relations for the Group. Mr. Wong has been serving in the gaming and lottery industry for over 15 years, in addition to consultancy collaborations with major operators & regulators throughout Asia. Prior to joining the Group in 2018, he was with the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and has extensive experience in trading operations & risk management, commercial development and project management. Mr. Wong graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada.