Lottery distribution business belongs to the Group’s lottery business division. The core business scope is lottery sales, services and promotions in the entity channels. There is a highly experienced team specialized in the field of lottery market promotions, channel construction, training and services, etc. The Group has set up the close business connections and cooperation with multiple lottery centers of China.

The Group successfully launched its dedicated lottery resources channel on mobile Taobao and mobile Alipay. While this lottery resources channel has not conducted any internet lottery sales, it serves as a one-stop platform for many lottery-related services and resources, providing lottery players and online users in China easy access to information and resources that address various lottery needs. With the recent addition of sporting content to our lottery channel, we expect to roll out further features such as sports intelligence services to improve on user experience and engagement.

We also anticipate a gradual rollout of our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) lottery solutions platform through our cloud services, aiming to serve and benefit users from all sectors within the lottery supply chain. The Group will continue to leverage and explore on collaboration with Alibaba Group’s retail ecosystem to enhance on lottery distribution models where appropriate. We believe that the integration of lottery services and products through Alibaba’s physical retail distribution channel and networks under its new retail strategy will continue to create synergy and opportunities in the future.